Thursday, August 27, 2009

I need a jet boat....

"Suck My Wake"

John Hughes.... I Just read today on Born Loser that he died earlier this month, He made "The Great Outdoors" along with many others of my favorite 80's movies. R.I.P. not to mention introducing me to Jet Boats!

Is that Jordan's bike?

Has Jordan has been secretly helping Stacey David over at "Gearz" tv.... or did he sell him the bike so he could 'bag it, put some Billet Mags, and a trick "tribal" paint job on it?

Stacey David: "David has had a fascination for motor vehicles and mullets for as long as he can remember." -Wikipedia biography

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I just wanna paint!

This past saturday I joined Jordan at his new shop for some serious business! His plan was to simply paint the roof of the Falcon wagon. It all started with a trip to Subway for $5 worth of sandwhichy goodness. Next to the local discount micro-mart in Lil Mexico for three sets of lace table settings with service for 12, what followed was our very first attempt at a kustom laced paintjob, check it out.....
The shop truck always creates quite a stir in the community, screaming mobile car wash crews, the look of confusion on the faces of pedestrians and motorist alike, and random thumbs up here and there...
Another $5 spent...
Although it's been over five years since I picked up a paint gun, it proved to be just like riding a bike, it all came back to me except the safety part.
Jordan showed a lack of concern for his safety and health as well
Test pig: 1961 Ford Falcon wagon

The layout
Damn, my arm was sore, like I said, it's been a while.
A dinner table fit for a king!
The sun always sets faster than anticipated
Sweet dreams little guys...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Awesome movie, I'm down to see it again!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Like a rock

(14 years old, paint is peeling, other than that it's fucking mint!)

This is my 1995 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado. I bought this truck 5 years ago right after I got out of the military. I was looking for a vehicle to flip, the next thing you know I was taking out a loan for $7k for this mint Chevy pick-up, the last thing an unemployed person should have done. I thought it would be a cool truck to roll around for a couple years. I have driven it from Ventura, Ca to Greenville S.C. and back. Vegas runs, tow-barred countless VW bugs, hauled way heavier shit than it's lowered suspension likes to, which doesn't take much. I have used it as a mobile detail truck with a work camper shell, delivered papers (auto traders), hauled construction supplies, kegerators, Hot Rod, VW, BMW, Porsche, parts, couches, TV's, dressers, beds, you name it. I've ate, slept, drank, had relations in it, and done giant smokey burnouts until the wheels fell off. Today it has just over 181k miles on it and still runs like a champ! It has original paint which will change soon because it decided to start peeling in the last year or so. The interior is still really nice, comfortable and with the cruise set at 70mph it floats down the freeway like a fuckin' Cadillac! A Cadillac with old shocks, which is still pretty damn nice! This thing has really grown on me over the past couple years. I have never been stranded and I have only had to replace a fuel pump and an alternator. Despite the countless offers of "Let me know if you ever want to sell it", I have decided that I will spend the rest of my life with it, there's no reason not too....

Towing the '67 bug from the barn spring '07 with a fresh set of whitewalls

Google maps street view of my folks place (current), I'm guessing Nov '07?

Too close to the line of fire!
Sammy's first piece of inheritance

Family Kustom

When the dealership fucks up your order for the blue Sports Wagon with the CB radio and the "rally fun pack" Pack your shit up and hit the road in this baby!

I believe it was designed by George Barris, but he takes no credit for it on his website, so.....? Woodgrain hood panels, eight headlights, take notes for your next Kustom build!
Note 09/21/09; Someone asked me where this car is from, I thought everyone already knew?.... "National Lampoon's Vacation"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Horrible Macaroni and cheese!

Bad investment, completely gross!...

Booth's Pick-up

It runs and drives now, still needs a grille and a few other things. See it at the Primer Nationals Sep. 2009

get some whitewalls...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My 1969 VW bus

-Pssst.... Buy This Bus!

Still for sale, $1900! It runs/drives (strong 1600) and it's pretty straight. Tell a friendand they'll be a friend for life!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Check out Ruff

I had a blast in Costa Mesa this weekend! Check out SHIFTHEAD SPEED for the full story. Rob and "Rosie's" gangster-ass got us there in one piece with only some minor hic-ups. Thanks to Arie, Mark and Ian, and everyone else who showed and helped out, you guys put on a cool party! Great food too!