Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy birthday Jordan!

His blind date showed up ready to party...

Chris, Jordan and Christina thoroughly enjoyed our surprise guest.
This guy (right) decided to crash our party and hung out with us the entire time, seen here teaching Rob how to treat the lady. I'm pretty sure he told Jordan and I that he was Willie Nelson's sister?

Bar room buddies!

Happy Holladay!

Fin, myself, and Billy Graham
Jordan even got to shake hands with this self-proclaimed bad-ass.

You BETTER watch your bitch Jordy!

Shirtless and wasted at a bar on your 21st birthday, a right of passage...


Happy birthday Slugger!

This is what you missed after you blacked out....


  1. Jordy is fully Man-Faced in that second to last picture! HAHAHAHA!!

  2. Such a blastie-blast! I'm sad that Jordan left the party so soon and without his date! 2 fun birthday bashes in a row...Rob is next!