Thursday, July 30, 2009

Judas is Rising!

Kyle, getting carded is no longer an issue...


Monkey Madness!

Happy with life

Feeling good!

Jordan also enjoyed himself

July 29, 2009 The Mid-State fair, located in Paso Robles, California. It was a magical evening filled with wonder and amazement. With tickets in hand that I won from 99.1 The Fox. The evening kicked off with a visit to Zunie the hand-shaking Capuchin Monkey, owned by Steve Barbato of Monkey Madness. Soon after, it was time for some Whitesnake. Mom bought me the Whitesnake tape when I was a kid so I could listen to "Here I go again" whenever I wanted to, I thoroughly enjoyed the live version! After a brief intermission and another couple rounds of beer, it was Priest time! Rob Halford and the gang shredded an amazing set of all of your favorite Priest hits. They played the shit out of everything, I was yelling at the top of my lungs the entire time. my voice box has been completely fucked ever since, totally worth it! I haven't been to very many concerts in my life, but I'm sure this one will be one of the best I WILL ever see! Enjoy some HD cell phone pics courtesy of Jordan (thank for driving!) oh yeah and Kyle for hooking it up in the beer shed cuz i forgot my ATM card. And the chick who called herself "Christina", thanks for the sweet hook-up!


  1. Nice Marmot. Im super jealous man... super jealous.

  2. christina hooked you up fo sho! i am a complete mute now. my voice is GONE! i <3 you D-smoke