Thursday, July 23, 2009

The making of a Legend...

Lompoc, CA, many moons ago?....

I have no idea why I was all dressed up and had my hair combed? Interveiw, fancy wedding, does anyone remember? Not this guy.... I am clearly past good judgement stage, but somehow I managed to make one good decision...

Why not let my homeboy tattoo my nickname on my shin?

Rob, always the excellent party host "I have a tattoo gun here!"

Such an intricate piece requires teamwork!

Christina: "I wanna try!" , sure, why not, and grab some Windex!

The finished product!


  1. Oh wow, nice shirt! Why were you dressed up with your hair combed? Id venture to say that was the last time it saw a comb!

  2. Nice! I think you were dressed up because I was coming over...right? What is with the windex? Although the final picture is pretty streak-free!