Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks for posting!

To whoever posted the polital garbage on my blog;

I appreciate your passion for politics and our current leader. Not enough young people take an interest in our leadership. I guess that's why we are in this current state of kaos in this country....People like you who have nothing better to do with your time than hack automotive/motorcycle blogs to further promote your foolish political views. Similar post were found on blogs by friends of mine, none of which appreciate or agree with the hogwash you are spreading. For those who didn't see my blog yesterday, some renegade blog hacker decided the friends and fans of "D-smoke's Diamonds & Rust" might enjoy some liberal nonsense and a popular picture of our country's most controversial leader ever. Thanks you for the thought, however...I do not agree with your political views and would never sponsor that man's face on anything I own or subscribe to. No hard feelings, but please do us all a favor and keep this nonsense off of our blogs!!!!

Love always,

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  1. I seriously thought you actually bumped your head recently.